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Exercise Plan to Lose Weight – Back Workout Example 3

Back Reverse Grip barbell row Bent Over Lateral raise   Push Ups   Ab exercises   Cardio Stationary bike  10 -20 minutes

Welcome to Weight Loss with Diet and Exercise Lifestyle changes

Weight Loss strategies will be discussed in depth as it pertains to diet, or as I like to call it food modifications or changes. Simple changes in diet can go along way. Another important aspect to address includes activity level or exercise.

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This is intended as a general guide to losing weight. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy and safety of diet and exercise advice used in this guide, the user is encouraged to consult a medical provider before starting any weight loss program. The strategies in this guide are highly dependent on our choices and may differ based on an individual basis. In cases where medical conditions may be present, consult medical advice before starting any diet or exercise regimen. I hope you find this guide helpful in your journey to lose weight

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